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  1. is a nice substitute for Pandora and other non-free music services.

    Currently signed on and listening to track suggestions based on bands I like or songs I’ve loved on their website. Rhythmbox support seems flaky, or perhaps it’s the network I’m not sure. The web player runs smoothly and doesn’t require flash or gnash. I’m guessing it’s HTML5 but haven’t looked into it yet.

    Either way it’s awesome and the GNU and FSF projects seen to like them.

    Pros: independent artists

    Cons: I’m pretty sure I won’t find artists signed to labels.

  2. Trisquel 5.5 is finally here!

    I’m excited to check out what has become my favorite supported distribution. They’ve introduced Gnome 3 finally and I’m probably going to yawn and install XFCE again.

    I’m currently loading this onto my usb thumbdrive.